Friday, March 17, 2017

Preparation continued

These days it feels as if I live on Amazon (both US and German).  This week my stash of cat food arrived, so that the girl staying at my house doesn't have to bother with that while I am away.  In total I bought 12 bags of dry food and 150 cans of wet food.  He's going to be one happy kitty.

My bike delivery was delayed, due to a huge snow storm on the east coast of the US.  I got an email from FedEx saying that it will finally arrive today.  My dad had to divert the package to a FedEx shop since he won't be home when it's delivered and it requires a signature. Once I arrive to the US, I get 2 days with the bike to make sure it's to my liking and then I have to take it apart and ship it to the west coast.

I also finally got my plane tickets (Berlin - Richmond, VA).  That was the last big ticket item remaining.  Everything is coming together nicely and I still have 47 days until I leave (24 more work days).  Luckily I have this trip to Iceland next month, so the posts will become a little more adventurous once I leave for that trip. 

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