Thursday, May 18, 2017

TABT Day 4

After a day of rest on "day 3", I left bright and early because I knew today would be a long one. It was a beautiful bike ride along the river to get out of Eugene. I thought I was going to be clever and skip 4 miles by taking a short cut. Unfortunately there was no way I was biking that highway. So I took roads alongside​ the highway until it merged into the road I needed. Still ended up saving myself a hill and 2 miles. I have to count the small blessings on this trip.

Things were going pretty good until lunch. I had a small pizza and like 4 glasses of water. It had been raining just before I stopped, and by that point I was sore and tired from all the uphill against light headwind. After eating, I assumed I'd get a second wind. Unfortunately that never came. So I was only 2/3 the way there and exhausted.

After pedalling 54 miles total, I made it to the campsite. They don't have hiker/biker rates (I swear I saw it online for this campground), so I paid $20 for a place to crash. If none of the campgrounds have biker rates, I'm just getting hotels the rest of the way.

The situation I'm in actually feels dire when I think bout it. I'm just realizing that I'm not just putting my body through this stress, but also my mind. Not only having to push myself through the physical, but also all the day-to-day planning. The hardest part, so far, is that I'm limited on distance by the campgrounds. Tomorrow there will be tons, but today I felt helpless today having to go 50+ miles just to get to a campground (which might not be there or open). Today was probably the first rough day I've really encountered. I probably just need some sleep.

Distance for the day: 54mi (87km)
Total distance: 135 mi 


  1. Keep your head up high. After a sleep the world looks much better. You will do it.

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  3. I'm absolutely amazed by this journey. I've always been impressed with how you were able to relocate to Germany and flourish... you've got this in the bag.