Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Still off the trail update

So I'm still off the trail. I was looking at the status pages of the campgrounds and roads; There has been no changes.  While this has been completely frustrating, there's not much I can do except wait. I'm going to get to the east coast before heading back. I kept thinking that maybe I could go back and try with the campgrounds being closed, but there's no way I can bike uphill for 100-150 miles in a single day to get to another town. Max I can do on the super mountainous days is about 60 miles.

I'll give it another week before looking at the statuses. <3


  1. Is there any reason you can't just restart your ride in thirty days or so, after all the winter has cleared?

  2. So far that is the plan. But instead of waiting a month, I got impatient and started checking early. Depending on the timing of things finally opening I might have to extend the trip.